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 Hacking BlackBerry

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PostSubject: Hacking BlackBerry   Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:29 am

Here’s an even better way to get your BlackBerry fix Admit it. You’re addicted to your BlackBerry. That’s okay. Most usersare, and this book is just going to make it worse. Now you’ll discover how to use your BlackBerry to retrieve documents, weatherforecasts, and Web infor-mation; use it as a wordprocessor or drawing tool; even control yourcomputer over a network with it. And we haven’t even gotten to theway-out stuff.

Pick a few of these hacks
* Play games with BlackBerry
* Search the Web
* Connect to your PC wirelessly
* Use BlackBerry as a USB thumb drive
* Install custom ringtones
* Supersize security
* Draw sketches on your screen
* Play your BlackBerry like a piano
* . . . and more!

Tweaks, tricks, and add-on apps to customize your BlackBerry–plus Java code for even cooler hacks

Table of contents:
Part I: Customizing the BlackBerry with Tweaks, Secret Codes, Hidden Keys, and Add-On Applications

Chapter 1: Secret Codes and Hidden Keys.
Chapter 2: Adding Software to Your BlackBerry.
Chapter 3: Advanced E-mail, Voice, and Messaging.
Chapter 4: Unleashing the Wireless Web.
Chapter 5: Using Your BlackBerry as a Wireless Dialup Modem.
Chapter 6: The Ultimate Remote Control: Controlling Your Desktop Computer from Your BlackBerry.
Chapter 7: Storage on the Go: Your BlackBerry as a USB Thumb Drive.
Chapter 8: Keeping Your BlackBerry Safe.
Chapter 9: Getting Down to Business: Productivity Tools.
Chapter 10: Beyond BrickBreaker: Fun, Games, and Entertainment.

Part II: Advanced BlackBerry Hacks: Put Your BlackBerry to Fun and Wacky Uses with Creative Software Projects.

Chapter 11: Developing Your Own BlackBerry Applications.
Chapter 12: A Classic Sketcher Application.
Chapter 13: Music to My Ears: A Toy Piano in the Palm of Your Hand.
Chapter 14: Meet BlackBerry, Your Personal Masseuse.
Chapter 15: Printing Your Notes Wirelessly.

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Hacking BlackBerry
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