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 Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows)

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Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows) Empty
PostSubject: Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows)   Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 9:16 am

Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows)

1.) Your going to want to reboot the system...

2.) During the Windows loading screen (which should read your operating system with a small loading bar at the bottom, or with Vista just the small loading bar) you're going to want to tap F8 a few times, and you should hear a beeping sound.

3.) A list of many options (ex. Start Windows Normally, Start Windows in Safe Mode) is going to pop up. Your going to want to select Start Windows in Safe Mode.

4.) After Windows loads up, you'll come to the computer's account log-in screen, and there should be an account without a password entitled Administrator, log-in on it.

5.) Your done, Control Panel > User Accounts; edit anything you need to, install or download anything, or such.
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Easy Administrator Account Access (Windows)
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