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 Hack gmail,hot mail,yahoo emails..

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PostSubject: Hack gmail,hot mail,yahoo emails..   Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:24 am

Hack gmail,hot mail,yahoo emails..

1. Cookie Stealer.
2. PhotoShop
3. Hex editor....
4. Patch/packer program.

1. Open image editing program make a picture 1pixel big.
2. Setup cookie stealer server.
3. Use as many patch/packer progrrames as you can on ther server file of the cookie stealer. This makes it undetectable!
4. Hex the server into the picture/pack it in with other programs e.g. exe merger.
5. Add the 1pxl image onto an email, say subject e.g. "Yo, its your gf's new email..xxx open hunny" << LOL or something to make victim open.
6. Send email.
7. You will recieve there cookie, replace your cookie with there cookie while signed into msn+hotmail / yahoomessenger+yahoomail.
8. Refresh page.
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Hack gmail,hot mail,yahoo emails..
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